Official Rules and Guidelines

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Official Rules and Guidelines

Post  Austin on Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:49 am

Rule 1: Have Fun The most important rule in all leagues is to obviously have fun in matches. What this means is to follow all the rules listed below in order to have a fair and obviously fun match. It's not that hard to understand, follow the rules to have fun!

Rule 2: Starting A Match To start a match you MUST start with a lockup. It doesn't matter if the match is a triple threat, fatal four way, or a 6 man match. A lockup must be done because it is the fairest way to see who gets the early advantage in the match. If you lockup and neither one over powers the other, then you can do like a strike attack or a irish whip.

Rule 3: Finishing A Match Simple as this: You may only pin after your finisher unless it was a Breaking Point Submission. It's not that hard to understand.

Rule 4: No Spamming Don't spam, is it that hard to understand?

Rule 5: Breaking Up Moves Breaking up moves on accident is understandable, but you may not break them up on purpose unless they are a finisher. If the move isn't a finisher then you may not break the move up because breaking moves up is annoying and people could possibly get mad.

Rule 6: Don't Taunt Excessively If you taunt constantly then it shows that you are a coward and you may not be able to get momentum up on your own. Depending on your charisma it could get your momentum up easily and you would get a finisher and basically screw your opponent out of a win.

Rule 7: Editing Your Moveset It's cool to edit your moveset but please, keep it realistic. If your Shawn Michaels and you want to give him a snap suplex? That's cool. But you want to give him a powerbomb? No... If it's a move that it doesn't seem like the person would do then you may not add it.

Rule 8: Tag Team Matches Stay in your corner unless a pin is being made. Blah blah blah, just use common sense and follow all the other rules.

Rule 9: Promos No attacking other superstars in promos. No killing anyone in promos at all. No injuring anyone in promos. No racism in promos. Get the point? Good. But any of this can be done if you get the permission from the person using the superstar.

Rule 10: Storing Finishers If you have a finisher and you get another finisher, you may not hit two of them in a row unless they are a realistic combo. For example: John Cena's AA to the STF, Chris Jericho's Codebreaker to Walls Of Jericho, Eddie's Three Amigos to the Frog Splash, etc.

Rule 11: Switching You can switch as much as you want but if the admins feel you are switching too much then they can deny you from switching. We don't want people to constantly switch superstars.

Rule 12: No Original Caws This isn't ranked matches and we don't want crappy original caws here. It doesn't matter how real they look, they are not allowed. Possibly they will be allowed if a NXT comes through, but until then No Original Caws.

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